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Hi, what happens when I fill in the free trial request?

Last Updated 4 years ago

Your trial starts immediately. 

As soon as you hit "Start Trial" we'll email and ask you to verify your email address by clicking an activation link (check your junk folder if this does not appear in your inbox within a moment or two).

Once validated, your account is active.  Log into FormTab Central using the password you've just set up.  This is the place where you build form templates, set up your teams (groups of users), add/assign team members to teams and view completed form data once submitted by App or Desktop users.

Take a quick tour around FormTab Central, the hub of FormTab:

Getting Started
To make it nice and simple, a team has already been set up for you with a sample form or two to fill in and submit. Or why not start by building your own form, perhaps taking advantage of our Free Form Building service.  Once your form is ready to go, invite people to your team (a group of users that can fill, review or report on your forms - depending in the permission levels you set them).  They will also enjoy the benefits of the FormTab free trial period. No need for them to set up their own trial.

Your Free Trial account is auto-magically set up to enjoy the features of our Professional plan.

Remember, our friendly customer service and support teams are on-hand should you need us. Open a ticket or contact us for a point in the right direction. We promise not to call you unless you specifically ask us to. 

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