Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1 Welcome to FormTab (2)

    Take a quick tour around FormTab Central, the hub of FormTab.  
  • 2 App Questions (7)

    See how easy it is for app users to fill a form.
  • 3 Free Form Building (4)

    Answers to your questions about our Free Form Build Service
  • 4 Forms (20)

    See how to build a form and distribute forms to teams (groups of users) to fill in.
  • 5 Team & User Administration (14)

    Help for administering your team and submissions workflows including video walkthrough
  • 6 Submissions (12)

    Q&A relating to submissions (filled forms) once they have left a users device or desktop
  • 7 Data (1)

    Answers to user questions about data
  • 8 Reporting (1)

    Guidance in accessing submitted form data in report format
  • 9 Setting up a paid account (1)

    Congratulations, you're a FormTab convert. Information on onboarding you to a paid account.

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