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What are widgets?

Last Updated 8 years ago

Widgets are special fields that allow some advanced functionality in your form. We currently support 3 widget types:

  • CSV Lists
  • Live Data Lists
  • Javascript Widgets
CSV Lists
This allows you to upload a CSV file to generate a lookup list (rather than entering all the values into the form builder). In addition, the list can be used across multiple forms. A common use for this is a client list, or staff list that gets used in many forms. And because the CSV List is managed centrally, any time you make a change it is automatically updated in all the forms that are using it.*

Live Data Lists
This allows you to use a live data source to generate a lookup list that you can use in your form. This is great if you need to integrate with a third party system. One example use is to retrieve up-to-date lists of jobs out of a job management system.*

Custom Widget
Custom Widgets are mini JavaScript widgets that can be built to provide custom functionality within you. One common example is a custom calculator that has to perform a calculation based on field values in the form.  If you would like a Custom Widget built for you, please get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

List widgets are not functional within our web form add-on option.

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