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How do I set up a Web Form?

Last Updated 7 years ago

Web forms are an add-on option for paid account users (refer ).  Simply set up your web form and our billing system will auto-magically bill you at monthly renewal time for use of this service.

If you are in a team that belongs to an account with an Enterprise or Custom plan, you may create a web form as follows:

  1. Go to the Advanced form details page.
  2. Once you are in the Advanced area,  tap or click the Web Forms button.
  3. Click "Add Web Form"
  4. Specify the custom title and description you wish for the form. You may also specify a "return URL" which is where your users are taken once the form is complete (leave it blank if you want the form to go back to the start again).  You must specify a team username (which needs to match the email of a team member - this will be used for the "author" setting for each form submission; you may wish to create a new team member expressly for this purpose eg.
  5. Once you have saved the form, you will be supplied a URL that you can copy to use to link to from your website.

An example form is viewable here:

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