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The form is stuck on my tablet with a spinning circle.

Last Updated 5 years ago

Occasionally a form can get stuck in limbo if your internet connectivity fails. To bring up the error queue follow these steps:

1. Create a new submission on your deviceĀ (steps 2 and 3 need to happen in fast succession for this to work. It may take you a few attempts)
2. Tap Submit
3. Quickly drag your finger up from the bottom of the device to bring up the shortcut settings menu and quickly turn off your WIFI. The other option is to sit beside your wireless router and quickly turn the power off after pushing submit.
4. A bar should show up at the bottom notifying you have errors. Tap this with your finger.
5. A list of your forms that are trying to be sent should show up.
6. Connect back to your WIFI
7. Using your finger, drag the item in the list that hasn't been sending to the left and options should show up
8. Tap the option you require
9. Go back to the dashboard and your form should be out of limbo

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