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How do a send a copy of a form to the sender of the form?

Last Updated 4 years ago

Senders of forms are able to view their own submissions at (see )

If you want to send a copy of the form to the user who sent it, you can do this by creating a Trigger - which is an action that runs when a form is submitted.

To do this:

1. Go to Submissions area within FormTab Central admin 


2. Click on Triggers (bottom right of screen)


3. Click Add Trigger 


4. Enter a suitable name (eg. "Email to Sender of Form"), description (eg. "Send an email to person who sent the form")

5. Choose Type: Email to Field

6. Set Params to be :    {"field":"_username"}

7. Optional: You can also configure the trigger to match on certain criteria. See for more information.   

Also, optionally, you can attach a file containing the contents of the form (but we don't generally recommend this for data security reasons).  To do this, select the desired file format from the Attachment Format dropdown.

8. Hit save, then run a test submission to check it's all working.

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