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  1. Can a form submission be edited by someone else other than the originator?
  2. Can a form submission be edited by the submitter?
  3. Can I assign the same form to another team?
  4. Can I copy a form?
  5. Can I set calculations in our forms?
  6. Can more people get sent copies of email submissions?
  7. Do you have a time stamp feature?
  8. Do you support my device?
  9. Help, it's been a few days since I logged in. Where do I find the form templates I built?
  10. Hi, what happens when I fill in the free trial request?
  11. How can I delete a form template?
  12. How can I set up a barcode field in a form?
  13. How do I build a Form template?
  14. How do I search my form submission content?
  15. How do our users (team members) enter data into the form?
  16. How do we add more email recipients to form submissions?
  17. How do we download FormTab app so users can capture data?
  18. How do we integrate with Dropbox?
  19. How do you delete submissions?
  20. I'm on a free trial account but need to integrate into mailchimp. Is this possible?
  21. I've forgotten my password. Is it possible to get a reminder?
  22. I've set up a new user but unsure how to "activate" them. Can you help?
  23. Is there a quick way to change a field type when building our form?
  24. Is there a way to resend a user invite?
  25. Love it! How do we convert to a paid account?
  26. Seems too good to be true. What's the catch?
  27. Sketch - can I undo it?
  28. Tips for building checklist forms
  29. What platforms do you support?
  30. Where is the data stored?
  31. You built our form when we were on the free trial. Can we still use it now we're a paying customer?

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